The Child and Adolescent Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) at The University of Texas at San Antonio is a university-wide research institute established in 2005 that supports the study of topics such as infant cognition and language development, early literacy, juvenile justice, child abuse prevention, foster care youth, pediatric obesity prevention, early childhood education, school readiness, and dropout prevention. The institute fosters cross-disciplinary collaborations within the university and with research partners from the community and translates research results into policy recommendations.

The institute is directed by Dr. Harriett Romo, Professor, UTSA Department of Sociology. Other faculty members are affiliated as faculty associates. An endowment funded by Bank of America supports two internships for graduate and/or undergraduate students to work at CAPRI on issues of early childhood or projects related to families and children. CAPRI also serves as a resource for research services and professional development training in child and adolescent related areas.

Major goals of the institute are to:

    • Address community child and adolescent development concerns.
    • Increase the visibility of UTSA in the national research community through scholarly, scientific investigations of high caliber and national repute.
    • Provide administrative support that promotes collaboration for research across disciplines and fields of study related to child and adolescent development.
    • Involve graduate and undergraduate students in a progression of increasingly complex cross-disciplinary research training and community-based activities.
    • Attract external funding from public and private sources to initiate and sustain large-scale research projects and support the initiation of students into the research community.